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Family Focused

At LifePoint it is common to hear active, laughing children of all ages. They can enjoy children’s church while you hear God’s Word faithfully preached.


Our praise team sings a blend of contemporary Christian music along with updated versions of older hymns.


Come as you are! LifePoint a relaxed and inviting space for people from all walks and seasons of life.

What Our Members Say...

Andrew and Rebecca

Andrew and Rebecca

We have been searching for a church home for our family and have finally found one at LifePoint Giles. We are truly blessed that we have such a welcoming place to worship.

Pam and Jeff

Pam and Jeff

We love the preaching, the kindness, the caring and all the love our church has. We love the community out reach for each and everyone and feeling of caring and wanting to bring God into hearts everywhere.


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LifePoint Kids

Children’s Church — May 24th

Hello, Here is the link to this week’s bible video and activities: https://curriculum.lifeway.com/#/easy-link/PJLV/84d9f187-8b0e-4c44-c07d-ceb3afe5d9f4 Please check out the discussion video below after you watch the bible story video. Thanks, Wynne