Make a coffee filter sun – Take a flattened paper coffee filter and have the children color with red, orange and yellow markers. Place the filter on a towel and use a spray bottle of water to wet the filter. Point out how the colors blend together. Set the “sun” aside to dry. You could add string and hand in the window to remind the children each day about the bible story.

See with your hands – Gather objects of different textures and place them in opaque bags such as paper bags or pillow cases. Have the children close their eyes and feel inside one of the bags. Encourage them to notice how the object feels and describe it to others in the room. People who can not see with their eyes use their hands to figure out what things look like. They read using Braille. Raised dots represent different letters. They read the bible using a braille bible. The Bible teaches us about God and Jesus. It helps us know the right things to do. We do wrong things a lot, but God can change our hearts and help us say no to sin. Jesus died to rescue us from sin.

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