Build a blessing wall:

Talk about the gifts or blessings that God gives to us. Write each blessing on a sticky note. Write on construction paper Our Blessing wall. Use this as the title for your wall. Find a wall, front of the fridge, glass door or window. Add Title paper at top, below that add sticky notes. Talk to the kids about how they named gifts that God has given us. The greatest blessing God has given us is His very own Son! Malachi said a messenger would get people ready for the Messiah. Jesus is the messiah God promised to send. God sent Jesus to earth to rescue people from sin.


Lace Heart:
What You Need: Hearts cut out of paper, hole punch, yarn, tape, permanent marker What You Do: Write God loves you on each heart and punch holes around the edge of each heart. Cut lengths of yarn (18-20”) and secure one end to back of heart with tape or by tying a knot. Guide kids to lace the yarn through the holes of the hearts. Tape the other end after they finish lacing. Say: Your hearts say God loves you, and He does! In today’s Bible story, God’s people wondered if God really loved them. Do you think God really loved His people? Of course! And God’s prophet Malachi reminded His people that God loved them!

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