Hello LPG Kids.

Here are the two video links for the Easter day videos. 

 The Emmaus Discipleshttps://vimeo.com/398882671

Activity – Make Jesus bookmarks. Draw the outline of a cross on heavyweight paper. Cut out a bookmark for each child. Invite preschoolers to color their bookmarks with markers or crayons. Help preschoolers seal their bookmark between clear contact plastic and trim the excess. Punch a hole in the top of each bookmark and loop a red ribbon through the hole. Show preschoolers how to place the bookmark in the Bible. SAY • When you look at your Bible bookmark, you can remember that no matter what part of the Bible we read, it all points to what Jesus did for us in His living, dying, and coming alive again. Jesus taught that all the Scriptures point to Him. The Bible tells about God’s plan to send His Son to rescue people from sin. The whole Bible is about Jesus. 

Jesus Appeared to the Discipleshttps://vimeo.com/398883191

Game to play before watching the video – Play “I Spy” Lead preschoolers in a game of “I Spy.” Identify an item in the room. Say, “I spy with my little eye something [adjective describing the item].” Allow preschoolers to take turns guessing the item. Offer additional details if preschoolers struggle to guess. Choose another item in the room and play again. SAY • Great job guessing what I spied! In today’s Bible story, Jesus’ friends spied a most amazing sight while they were hiding together in a house. They could hardly believe their eyes! Listen to our Bible story to hear what the friends saw. 



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