Here is an activity that goes along with today’s lesson:

Get-well-soon cards Provide each kid with a sheet of heavyweight paper. Help the kids to fold the sheets in half to make cards. Instruct the kids to write kind messages inside the cards and draw pictures on the outside. You may choose to provide the kids with the names of people in your church who are sick, or you may encourage the kids to write the cards for someone else they know. 

SAY • Writing a sweet card to people who are sick can be a great way to lift their spirits and help them trust God to help in hard times. Today we will learn about something Jesus did to help ten sick men.

Here is the link to today’s lesson and activities:

Please be sure to watch the discussion video below after you watch the bible video. 

We will be posting these weekly to use as an additional devotion or if you are not able to attend church. 

Be safe and well—Wynne


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