Hello Lifepoint Kids and parents,
Here is the link to the Bible video and activities:
Here is an activity to do before watching the Bible story video:
Weave a mat
Before the session, fold a sheet of construction paper in half and make five evenly spaced cuts from the folded side to one inch from the end. Repeat for each preschooler.
Use different colors of construction paper to make an assortment of 11/2-inch strips.
Demonstrate to a preschooler how to weave a paper strip over and under through the cuts in his paper. Encourage them to continue weaving until no more strips will fit. They may use a glue stick to secure the strips in place. Help the preschooler glue their artwork to a foam sheet. Trim the foam sheet with scissors to fit the artwork if necessary.

• Your mats are very cool! In today’s Bible story, Jesus was standing by a pool in Jerusalem. He saw a man sitting near the pool on a mat. The man could not walk and had been sitting on his mat by the pool a long time. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?” Listen to the story to hear how the man answered Jesus.

Stay safe and have a good week! – Wynne

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