The Walls Rebuilt
Nehemiah 1–6
Long ago, a man named Nehemiah lived in Persia. Persia was the place where many of God’s people stayed after they were freed from Babylon. Some of God’s people went home to their country called Judah. Nehemiah was one of God’s people. He had an important job in Persia serving the king.
One day, some men came from Judah. Nehemiah asked them, “How are God’s people doing?” “The people are in trouble,” they said. “The walls around the city are broken down, and the gates have been burned down.” Nehemiah cried and prayed to God when he heard this bad news. The king saw that Nehemiah was sad. “What’s wrong, Nehemiah?” the king asked. Nehemiah said, “The city where my family is from is in trouble. The walls around the city are broken, and the gates have been burned down.” So the king sent Nehemiah to Jerusalem to rebuild the city.
In Jerusalem, Nehemiah led the people to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall and fix the gates in the wall. Everyone in the city worked together on the walls. Before long, the wall was halfway rebuilt!
Some men who lived nearby did not like God’s people. and made a plan to attack them. Nehemiah did not want the people to be afraid. “God is great and powerful!” Nehemiah said. “If our enemies attack us, God will fight for us.” So God’s people kept working. Some of the men stood guard with weapons, and others worked on the wall. The people were always ready to fight, just in case.
Nehemiah was a good leader for God’s people. He helped them when they had problems, and he told them to trust God. Before long, the wall was finished! The gates and the walls were fixed, and God’s people were safe. The people’s enemies were afraid because they knew that God was with His people.
Here is an activity parents can do:
  1. Pray short prayers together
    – Invite preschoolers to tell something they are thankful for or worried about, one at a time.
    – Make a list on paper or a whiteboard.
    – After each preschooler shares, say a very short prayer either thanking God or asking God
    for help.
  2. SAY
    – Thank you for sharing and for praying with me! God hears all our prayers, even short ones like the ones we just prayed! Before Nehemiah led God’s people to rebuild the walls, he prayed to God and asked for help. And God heard and answered his prayer!

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